Budget Idea

In deciding to start a candle- or soap making operation, it is important to gain some insight into the expenses that you will be incurring. In other parts of this site, you've learnt about the various techniques. Here, we give you an idea of what kind of budget you must take into account. We have distinguished between equipment and ingredients because equipment is a once-off investment, while ingredients are consumed.

With the sale of the end products made with the initial purchase of ingredients, the entire investment in ingredients, as well as in most of the equipment, can be paid back.

Our equipment uses regular current and can thus be plugged into a normal power point. For most of our electrical equipment, we recommend that a separate circuit breaker is used per appliance.

Dipping candles

Moulded candles

Making bars of soap (extruding)

Moulded soap

Liquid soap

Bath salts