Candle making and soap making

Meaningful and creative activities for handicapped people

Handmade candles distinguish themselves from boring, plain factory-made candles. Even when looking at the 'ordinary' dipped dinner candles, one immediately notices that these are crafted products.


Candle- and soap making are ideal activities for care institutions. In candle- and soap making, much focus is placed on teamwork. All participants make their contribution. Everyone is able to try out the craft and discover that a saleable product can be created using simple actions and -ingredients. With the Eerlijk Ambacht (Honest Trade) concept, Gildewerk has lowered the threshold for the participation in these activities to such an extent that even the 'weaker' handicapped persons can participate.


The activities in an Honest Trade atelier encompass various actions including dosing, mixing, moulding, extruding, shaping, cutting, stamping and packing. As a result, there's a wide range of opportunities for participants from your institution. Production is not a goal; it is a means for providing a meaningful, fun day for the participants. There is no work stress or pressure to perform. What is present is the opportunity for self-development. Candle makers and soap makers are proud of their work. Their work is a real craft in which they can grow and develop much creativity.


These are safe and clean activities which create a pleasant ambiance. The combination of extraordinary shapes, aromas and colours makes working with candles and soap a truly great experience, while the use of different techniques encourages creativity. By using the many colours and aromas, beautiful traditional products can be made. Both activities are structured in such a way that no waste remains - everything is used. The final product has a professional look and is extremely saleable. The Gildewerk range includes Honest Trade packaging and presentation material to support sales.

Made-to-measure activities for the care industry

Hundreds of institutions in different countries use Gildewerk's equipment, tools, ingredients and materials to make their own Honest Craft candles or soap. Gildewerk has been a trusted provider of activities in the care industry for around 25 years.

Gildewerk has set itself the goal of creating craftwork opportunities in the care industry. To succeed, we offer a full range, provide information and give training to activity counsellors. Along with you, we will ensure that your new activities are a success.

Get to know the Honest Trade concept

The ingredients in Honest Trade soap are purely plant-based. It also goes without saying that these products are not tested on animals.

We are delighted to invite you to a cost- and obligation free visit to a Gildewerk information centre. Here, you will learn about all facets of the Honest Trade concept. Would you first like to receive more printed information? We would be happy to send this to you.