Gildewerk Courses

Gildewerk's activities are easily accessible, but the traditional processes are a subject in their own right. It is therefore not advisable to progress too quickly. Gildewerk makes it possible for you to introduce yourself to an activity in a step-by-step manner and be fully prepared when you get to work. We provide extensive information when you start an activity within the Gildewerk concept. Even afterwards, Gildewerk will always provide you with support.

Showroom visit

As initial orientation, we warmly invite you to visit our showroom. We can show you what the various systems consist of so that you can decide which are most suitable for your participants. We have ready-made quotes for a number of systems, enabling you to easily determine whether a system is within your budget. You do need an appointment so that we can reserve time for you. Of course, you visit is free and without obligation.

Introduction- and refresher courses

We offer introduction courses to institutions wanting to start anew or wishing to familiarise their counsellors with the activities. The entire procedure is presented in full. Upon appointment, these courses can be arranged for a morning or an afternoon and are free of charge. We also offer refresher courses to activity counsellors who have been out of the loop for a while. This program is more-or-less the same as the introduction course, but on request we are able to pay extra attention to specific topics. These courses are also free of charge. However, soap machine work does not form part of these short courses.

Craftsmanship courses

Our craftsmanship courses are for those who would like comprehensive training. After this 1,5 day course, you receive a diploma with an authorisation for your field of speciality. The course includes broad training in which all aspects of your subject are handled, and theory and practice are dealt with extensively. A visit to an institution that works according to the Gildewerk concept is also slotted into the agenda, thereby broadening your horizons. The 1,5-day course does not have to be completed all at once, but must be concluded within a week. A single-day shortened program can also be followed, but this does not entitle you to a diploma. Please phone us for more information regarding craftsmanship courses.


To keep up-to-date in your field of speciality, we offer spring and autumn workshops. Here, you are introduced to the latest trends and techniques and you are shown many handy tips and tricks. Dutch and Belgian participants have a choice between single-day workshops and two-day workshops in which topics from the various single-day workshops are handled. To find out which topics are dealt with and what the costs are, you can request our most recent workshop brochure.

Courses on location

Of course, Gildewerk can present courses on location. You can determine the program yourself in conjunction with a presenter. Our courses on location are the only courses which can be aimed at counsellors as well as participants. You are welcome to request more information about the possibilities.

Ongoing support

Even after these courses, Gildewerk still provides you with extensive support. If you have questions or if something does not work, you can phone, fax or email us. We will be happy to solve your problems and answer your questions in your own language.