Soap quality system

Gildewerk makes safe soap making a little easier

All soap producers must comply with certain demands. Everyone knows this. This makes sense because this product comes into contact with the skin. If there are irritations, these can be as a result of the skin, but also of the soap. If the soap maker has complied with certain regulations, it will not be his fault. If you subscribe to the Soap Quality System, Gildewerk can limit the number of regulations with which the soap maker must comply.

Gildewerk's Soap Quality System was developed by brothers Michiel and Maarten Teunissen in conjunction with the Waren Inspection service. The system conforms to new EU legislation which went into effect on 1 January 2004.

Dr. M.W.E. (Michiel) Teunissen MBA, a chemist-pharmacologist, spent a long time working for Astra Zeneca and for Rhone-Poulenc (currently Aventis), one of Europe's largest medicine producers. He held the position of quality-care manager at Rhone-Poulenc, where he supervised systems similar to those used at Gildewerk.
You know M.L.J (Maarten) Teunissen B Eng as the director of Gildewerk. The brothers have used their knowledge and experience to create a system that does not only comply with EU legislation, but which is also simple to implement in institutions in the care industry. This system has been presented to the Waren Inspection service, which was extremely satisfied with it.

Minimising of risks

The Soap Quality System is based on a division of tasks between the care institution and Gildewerk. Besides working hygienically, the institution must keep a log and record comments about the soap.

Gildewerk provides everything required by the Soap Quality System and, amongst others, ensures that it is the point of approach for consumers with questions or complaints. Using the Soap Quality System, Gildewerk takes a lot of work off your hands and you minimise your risks.

The use of a quality system is legally required. Gildewerk's system ensures that it remains possible and affordable for your institution to manufacture products safely. You are welcome to request obligation-free information about the Gildewerk Quality System.